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Sisay Hair & Beauty
156 Newington Butts
London SE11 4RN
Tel: 020 7582 7969

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Tuesday – Thursday

Friday – Saturday



9:30AM – 7 PM

9:30AM – 7 PM

9:30AM – 5 PM


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Near Me Hairdresser

Embrace Sunday Pampering
near me hairdresser – Sisay Hair and Beauty Salon welcomes you even on Sundays. They understand the hustle of weekdays. Hence, they open their doors for a relaxing experience when you need it most.

near me hairdresser

Convenient Location
Nestled in the heart of Kennington, London, Sisay offers easy access. It’s a sanctuary where beauty meets convenience. You can drop by after a leisurely brunch or before a serene park walk.

Website Insights
For full details, their website is your go-to guide. It showcases a plethora of services. You can browse, book, and be on your way to beauty with just a few clicks.

The Power of Gorgeous Hair

Confidence Booster
Gorgeous hair stands as a confidence emblem. It frames your face and enhances your features. With Sisay’s expert stylists, you achieve that head-turning look.

Style Versatility
They offer cuts, colors, and styles for all preferences. You can reinvent yourself or maintain your classic look. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

Lasting Impressions
Beautiful hair leaves a lasting impression. Sisay near me hairdresser – It speaks volumes before you even utter a word. Sisay ensures your hair communicates style and sophistication.

Daily Compliment
Imagine receiving compliments daily. That’s the reality with stunning hair from Sisay. It’s not just about looks; it’s about feeling unbeatable every day.

near me hairdresser

In conclusion, Sisay Hair and Beauty Salon in Kennington offers a Sunday retreat for your hair and beauty needs. Their convenient location and detailed website enhance your experience. Moreover, the transformation to gorgeous hair boosts confidence, offers style versatility, and ensures you make a lasting impression every day.

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near me hairdresser

In the kingdom of locks, curls, and waves,
Ladies reign with the tresses they save.
A crown of hair, oh so fair,
Can cause a stir or a lover’s stare.

A bad hair day, let’s not speak,
Brings gloom and doom, makes knees go weak.
But when it’s styled, oh what joy,
It’s her secret weapon, not a toy.

She flips it, twirls it, with flair and grace,
Each strand in its own rightful place.
A gust of wind, a strategic pose,
Hair like a curtain, the show it closes.

With bobby pins and spritzes of spray,
She battles the frizz, keeps rogue locks at bay.
A helmet of hairspray, none shall pass,
Not rain, nor sweat, not even gas.

A mane so lush, it has its own life,
More precious than jewels, a car, or a wife.
Ask not a lady her age or her weight,
But compliment her hair, and you’ll be first-rate.

For hair is her canvas, her art, her soul,
It’s half of her diary, part of the whole.
So here’s to the locks, from the roots to the tips,
May they always be glorious, without any blips!